Brian Cage- The new FSW Heavyweight Champion has quickly made 2015 the Year of the Swolverine.  Capturing titles, along with his emergence on the national scene, Cage is now showing the world what FSW fans have known for a long time
Bryce Harrison-The leader of the Following has had a vice grip on the No Limits Title, since his return to FSW.  He now has his sights on the FSW Heavyweight Championship, and is looking to prove, that he is the best FSW has to offer
Reno Scum-Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend
From the second their music hits, the crowd is buzzing for these outstanding wrestlers from Reno, who are former 2 time FSW Tag Champs.  They look to regain the gold in 2014.
Tyshaun Prince-The FSW Heavyweight Champion.  The crown jewel of the Sal E Dynasty, the 6'6" 375lb monster has dominated FSW, and plans on 2014 being his biggest year ever.
Kenny King- FSW Elite Champion, this TNA Superstar was just voted FSW Wrestler of the Year, and expects 2014 to be his biggest year ever.
Remy Marcel-Champagne, Ill
The 1st and only Grand Slam Champion in FSW history.  Together with childhood friend, Jack Manley, Remy capped off 2013 by winning the FSW Tag Team Titles
Jack Manley-The pride of the Last Frontier, Jack comes from Anchorage, Alaska, and has gone from No Limits Champ to Tag Team Champ with lifelong pal Remy Marcel.
Brandon Gatson-The Gattitude Era started with a bang in 2014, as Gatson Cash in his Case and defeated Bryce Harrison to become new FSW No Limits Champ
Suburban Commandos- Bay Area, California
D-Unit & T-Rent, 300 lb twin monsters, do whatever it takes to get to the top of the tag team ladder.  Current FSW tag team champs, the Commandos promise to defend the belts at every opportunity
Funny Bone- Las Vegas, Nevada
This hometown favorite has formed a partnership with good friend Sinn Bodhi, and are taking FSW by storm with their unorthodox antics.
Sinn Bodhi- The Warlord of Weird has returned, and his band of Freaks are causing havoc and destruction to FSW
Legacy- Founding member of the Hater Nation and former Tag Team Champ.  In recent months, he and the Haters have solidified themselves as fan favorites.
Alexander Hammerstone- FSW's Rookie of the Year, big things are in store for this up and coming superstar.  He hopes his rising star takes him up the ladder and has his eyes sight on becoming an FSW Champion
Alkatrazz-This former champ has been snakebit, as 2013 came to a close.
Lance Hoyt-This International Superstar debuts in FSW in September and is looking to state his case as the #1 Contender for the FSW Heavyweight Title
Shelly Martinez- FSW's first full time Bombshell made her debut at When Stars Collide 2. Shelly is hoping to make 2014, the year of the Bombshells in FSW
Joe Graves- Blessed with all the tools it takes to be a huge success, Graves is looking to make 2014, a big one in FSW
Willie Mack-This SoCal superstar has become one of the biggest fan favorites in FSW.  His charisma and athleticism, puts him at the top of every division in FSW
Sikou-The Former No Limits and Tag Team Champion, has helped stablize the Sal E Dynasty, and whether he's working singles or in a Tag, he is a threat to win gold against any opponent.
Michael Modest-  Pro Wrestler in USA, Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, FILM, TV, BEYOND THE MAT and wrestled in WCW and WWE. He is considered one of the best  technical wrestlers in the business.
Beast-His new alliance with Lethal Lee, has put Beast atop the tag division, as the HellHounds have made a name for themselves, as they bloodied and battered the Reno Scum
Sugar Brown-Former Golden Gloves Champion, this Knockout specialist turned his back on the Haters and has a new formed alliance with the Sal E Dynasty
Jayson Cash- This veteran has worked with Mr.Kennedy and Hornswoggle.  He is now in FSW to prove he is the best there is.
Leon Hater- Liquid City
This former FSW official lost his job after trying to come to the aid of his friend Legacy.  His stock has soared, and the Hater Nation looks to take control of FSW
Gregory Sharpe- Ready to make his return after surgery on a torn labrum.  Sharpe has his sights on the No Limits Title, and is out to prove he is the brightest young star in FSW.
Clutch-The bad man from the desert sand.  The sky's the limit for this former member of the Agency.  2014 is the year, Clutch stands out on his own.
Kenny King- FSW Elite Champion, this TNA Superstar was just voted FSW Wrestler of the Year, and expects 2014 to be his biggest year ever.
Disco Inferno-Color commentator for FSW High Octane.  He has been more active this past year, and promises to make 2014 a living hell for Remy Marcel.
Crash Test Cody- Voted FSW's Favorite Wrestler, CTC's star shine bright in 2013.  He vows to capture gold for the 1st time in 2014, which will cement his status in FSW.
Jakob Austin Young- What a difference a year makes.  Last years co-rookie of the year, turned his back on all his friends, and aligned himself with Bryce Harrison and The Following
Lethal Lee- His Hell Hounds tag team with Beast, is on the top of their game, and after taking the Reno Scum to the limit, the Hell Hounds have their sights on Tag Team Gold
Tito Escondido-One of the most underrated wrestlers in the business today, Tito has battled some of FSW's best. This bruiserweight hasbattled the likes of Alkatrazz, Willie Mack, Brian Cage, and the best FSW has to offer.  Tito, with his partner Che Cabrera, are looking for a breakout year in 2014.
Killa Gorilla-This 450 lb monster has come to FSW and is looking to take a bite out of the Heavyweight Division. The Self Proclaimed Best Super Heavyweight in the World, has his sights on the biggest names in FSW
Che Cabrera- One of last years top rookies, Che and his pal Tito Escondido crashed Alexander Hammerstone's Award ceremony and vows to prove who the top rookie in FSW is.
Big Duke-The big man's steady improvement, led him to big wins against Cash and Cutler Wright.  He now has his sights set on FSW Champ Tyshaun Prince.
Young Bucks- 1st tag team in FSW has returned in 2012 after becoming ROH, TNA, and Chikara superstars.  1st match back in FSW, they became FSW Tag Team Champions. They are now current IWGP junior Tag Team Champions in Japan.  The hottest tag team in wrestling, don't miss them when they return to FSW
Shaun Ricker- The man many people felt would be on his way to WWE, were correct.  Shaun Ricker, now known as Slate Randall, can be seen on WWE NXT, and is just a moment away from being on the main roster of WWE.
Stu Stone- The most powerful Jew in Hollywood, has become a staple in FSW, and was recently voted FSW Manager of the Year.  With his client FSW Heavyweight Champion Brian Cage, Stu, is looking to add members to the Family Stone
Rocky T- Co Owner of FSW
Staying behind the scenes early in FSW, Rocky T is now front and center, and has no problem getting his hands dirty against some of FSW's toughest competitors.
Sal E.- After firing clients Michael Modest and Mike Dalite, Sal E vowed to build a dynasty.  He is now managing FSW Champ Tyshaun Prince and former 2 Time Tag Champs, Suburban Commandos.
Skratch- Manager to stars Bryce Harrison & Remy Marcel.  Skratch is one of the few managers who won't run away from a fight.  Just ask Disco Inferno
Jack Slammy-Co host of High Octane.  The official pitchman of FSW.  If something is going on in FSW, Slammy is the one to let you know about it.
Pauly Kover- Co-Host of FSW and voice over man.  This X 107.5 DJ has been a life long wrestling fan and is living the dream in FSW.
Bruce Radell- The new ring announcer for FSW.  Bruce brings an enthusiasm unparalled in FSW, and we look forward to his contribution to the company